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Sneak Peek: Black Friday and Write Practice Wednesday Gifts for Writers

How’s your holiday shopping going? You’ve heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. This year, we’re introducing something new: Write Practice Wednesday! If you’re looking for gifts for writers this season, you’ve come to the right place.

Sneak Peek: Black Friday and Write Practice Wednesday Gifts for Writers

Gifts for Writers: Write Practice Wednesday

Whether you know a writer whom you want to give an amazing gift this season, or you are a writer looking for a way to give your writing goals a boost, we bet you’ll find the perfect gift right here.

These amazing deals will be available from Write Practice Wednesday (November 21) through Cyber Monday (November 26).

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Check out our favorite resources for writers below. And mark your calendar for this Wednesday so you can take advantage of our best deals of the year!

The Writer’s Library Package

Know an aspiring writer wondering where to start with their writing? Or, have you been writing for a while, but you just need a boost?

This package is the perfect fit.

Over the last few years, we’ve written a bunch of books, guides, and digital downloads to help writers grow. We’ve covered topics like how to get started as a writer, how to write and publish a short story, how to write a book, and everything you need to build your career as an author.

And on Write Practice Wednesday, you can purchase our entire library for just $20.

Many of our books are available for purchase on Amazon. All together, they cost $35. That’s a 43% discount on our books alone.

But that’s not all. This package also includes ten guides and digital downloads that we’ve never offered for sale. Some of them are included in our courses, and some we’ve shared at limited times throughout the year.

Want them all? With the Writer’s Library Package, you’ll receive every guide we’ve ever published.

Here are the eBooks and digital downloads you’ll receive:

Let’s Write a Short Story
15 Days to Write and Submit a Short Story
How to Win a Writing Contest
14 Prompts
10 Steps to Becoming a Writer
7 Story Archetypes
30 Tools to Write, Publish, and Market a Book
Book Writing Roadmap
Book Plan Workbook
Novel and Nonfiction Book Plan Templates
10 Questions to Better Book Ideas
9 Essentials to Win a Writing Contest
10 Creativity Catalysts to Win NaNoWriMo
Spotify Playlists for Writers

The Writer’s Library Package: Get The Write Practice’s 14 eBooks, guides, and digital downloads for $20.
The Write Your Stories Package

Are you writing regularly, but you’d like some feedback on your writing? Or maybe you’d like to make 2019 the year you give your writing an amazing boost, but you’re not sure how?

Maybe you’d love a writing group to support you, but you don’t know many writers.

If any of those sound familiar, this package might be for you.

The Write Your Stories Package is designed for the writer who’s ready to get serious about their writing in 2019. It’s perfect for people who want to start writing finished pieces, get feedback, and get published.

You’ll get a year of access to The Write Practice Pro, our premium writing community, starting on January 1, 2019.

How will The Write Practice Pro help you? Here’s what comes with being a part of the community:

Publishing Opportunities. We partner with literary magazines to help you get published.

Accountability. Most writers need deadlines to stay focused (I know I do). We’ll give you deadlines and the accountability you need to to turn your passion into practical steps.

Feedback. Want to know if your book or short story is ready for publication or not? Post it in our secure writing workshop to get feedback. Our group of encouraging writers want to help you grow.

Resources. Get premium writing instruction—like eBooks, courses, and premium articles—so you can learn how to improve at the craft of writing.

Relationships. Join an interactive forum where you can build relationships with your fellow writers.

Discounts. As part of The Write Practice’s inner circle, you’ll get early access and special discounts to new courses and events.

Normally, a year of membership to The Write Practice Pro is $180. But on Write Practice Wednesday, you can join for all of 2019 for just $99. That’s a 45% discount!

If you’re ready to get serious about your writing, or you know someone who is, we’d love to see you in The Write Practice Pro.

The Write Your Stories Package: Join The Write Practice Pro from January 1 to December 31, 2019 for $99.
The Finish Your Book Package

Do you have a book idea, but you’re not sure how to turn it into a finished book? Do you have a manuscript you’ve been struggling with for months (or even years), and you’re wondering what it takes to make it to “The End”? Or do you have a friend who’s always said they want to write a book, and they just need a nudge to finally do it?

If that sounds like you or someone you know, you’re ready for the Finish Your Book Package.

The Finish Your Book Package combines our flagship course, 100 Day Book, and our advanced publishing seminar, Write to Publish.

It’s a combination that will help you start and finish writing a book, and then prepare you to publish it successfully. You’ll start at the very beginning with a book idea and a plan, and you’ll write your way to a finished manuscript and a growing platform of readers who can’t wait to devour your book.

You’ll get a year of access to The Write Practice Pro, where you’ll workshop your book in our supportive community. You’ll also have a book mentor to help you navigate the book writing process, plus a publishing mentor to help you build your platform and launch your writing to the world.

And if you finish writing your book in the 100 Day Book program, we’ll give you $100 back! How’s that for an incentive to write?

This is our biggest package, meant for the writer who’s serious about their writing goals. Together, the 100 Day Book program and Write to Publish are normally $980.

That’s why we’re offering our steepest discount here: if you purchase the Finish Your Book Package, you’ll get both courses for just $490. That’s a 50% discount!

Imagine: this time next year, you could be holding your finished manuscript in your hands. You have hundreds of readers excited to purchase it, and you have a community of writers supporting you as you share your book with the world.

The Finish Your Book Package: Join 100 Day Book and Write to Publish for $490.
Black Friday Gifts for Writers

If you have a writer in your life and you’re wondering what to give them this holiday season, or if you are a writer and you’re ready to make 2019 an amazing year for your writing career, consider one of the packages above.

These sales begin on Write Practice Wednesday, November 21. They’ll continue all week until Cyber Monday ends, at midnight on November 26.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or just getting started, whether you’ve budgeted hundreds of dollars for gifts or just a few, we’ve created a package that might be a perfect fit.

What’s the best writerly gift you’ve ever given or received? Let us know in the comments section.


Take fifteen minutes to write about the best gift your character has ever received. When you’re done, share your writing practice in the comments, and be sure to leave feedback for your fellow writers.

Bonus: Mark your calendar for Write Practice Wednesday, November 21, when you can come take advantage of these gifts for writers!

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